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Paediatric Research Fellowship

Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Anaesthesia and PCCU - joint research job with GOSH.

Barts Health NHS Trust, The Royal London Hospital

Start date: November 2019 for one year
Closing date for applications: Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Click here for job description.

Suitable for ST5+ (at poicorinne.stannard2@bartshealth.nhs.uknt of starting post) who has done minimum of 6 months of paediatric anaesthesia.

Clinical - This is based at the Royal London site. Clinical commitment: Long days and nights on average of 1 in 9

Research - Based between Royal London and Great Ormond Street Hospital. The fellow will partake in 5-6 projects, which will be “pitched” to them by the consultants at the two sites. It is expected that the portfolio of projects should be a mix of research, audit, teaching and writing chapters and reviews.

Potential applicants should contact:

Dr Corinne Stannard

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