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18th Annual Education Day in Paediatric Anaesthesia - Innovations!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Venue: Great Hall, St Bartholomew's Hospital

Innovations in:
theatre experience
high-dependency care
airway management
regional anaesthesia ...
We are pleased to invite you to our 18th annual education day in paediatric anaesthesia. This year we are presenting an array of talks and conversations looking at innovative ideas that may become the norm in the future.
We will have lectures and short presentations, debates and discussions featuring internationally renowned speakers from the USA and UK. A new feature will be the Innovations Roadshow in which, similar to the television programme, we will hear experts present their favourite advance in paediatric anaesthesia followed by a question and answer session.
The day is aimed not only at paediatric anaesthetists, surgeons and emergency medical professionals, but also the nurses and theatre staff who work with them.
Please follow link for flyer and application form.

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