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The Medical Education Training Suite houses a high fidelity simulation centre, with neonatal, paediatric and adult simulation manikins, as well as 3G capabilities for in situ simulation.  This faculty is adept at providing simulation courses for all specialties, in particular anaesthetics, obstetrics, paediatrics and immersion simulation for foundation doctors.  As well as providing task-focused training in practical skills, there are many courses focusing on non-technical skills and crisis resource management.  There is considerable interaction across sites within Barts Health, and this compliments the courses running in each centre.


The non-clinical responsibilities of the Anaesthetic Education Fellow comprise involvement in established courses, including training and mentoring in the debriefing process.  There is also ample opportunity to devise and construct new courses.  This may form part of the trainee’s educational research during this post, which, historically, has led to abstracts being presented internationally.  Educational responsibilities can be tailored according to the trainee’s special interests, and there are opportunities to teach both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.  It may be that the trainee would prefer to concentrate on post-graduate or specialty trainees, and a large component of the educational role comprises providing teaching forums for the trainees undertaking rotations within the Anaesthetic Department.   


Facets of this post allow the trainee to complete modules in higher and advanced “Teaching and Training” as pertains to the current 2010 curriculum for a CCT in Anaesthesia.  This fellowship does not confer any additional degree qualifications, but the trainee will be supported should they decide to undertake any post-graduate education programmes.  The formulation of this post is such that the trainee can plan their time and activities in such a way as to be beneficial for their own preferred outcomes.  For example, some trainees have dedicated the year to achieving medical education diplomas, others have used the time to prepare for consultant posts, while others have developed personal projects in courses and educational research.


50% of the post is clinical, the majority of which is based in theatres.  The job is designed for trainees who are post-FRCA, and may involve solo lists in theatres; however, there is always a dedicated consultant mentor who may be approached for advice or supervision.  This position does not entail on-call responsibilities, and therefore the post is un-banded, although there are often opportunities to undertake locum shifts in ITU, obstetrics or main theatres.  6 months of this post is usually taken as out-of-programme training, and the case mix provided is sufficient to allow for completion of general theatre modules.






One year Anaesthetic Education Fellowship at Whipps Cross University Hospital


The Anaesthetic Education Fellow post is a one-year position, 50% of which is dedicated to clinical duties within the Anaesthetic Department, and 50% of which is spent as part of the Medical Education Faculty at Whipps Cross Hospital.  This provides an excellent opportunity to work alongside Educational Leads for Simulation, Essential Clinical Skills, Medical and Emergency Medicine Education Fellows as well as two newly appointed Clinical Psychologists. 

"On a personal level, I have found this post to be an invaluable opportunity.  Teaching and debriefing in the skills inherent in crisis resource management is incredibly rewarding.  The wealth of knowledge of the Faculty within which you work allows space for development of your own ideas, as well as exploration of new areas in medical education, greatly facilitated by the researching clinical psychologists.  As regards the clinical component of this post, the anaesthetic department is a supportive and welcoming environment, and the case mix is greatly conducive to a strong and varied log-book. "


Katherine Anne MacGloin  (Previous Fellow)