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Royal London - Paediatrics


Paediatrics at the Royal London Hospital is a great placement. The consultants are friendly and approachable, and there is a good balance of being supported but also being given space to anaesthetise children solo and develop skills and confidence in paediatric anaesthesia.

There is wide variety in the medical and surgical complexity of patients. There are weekly remote anaesthesia lists in endoscopy, CT and MRI. The MLB list is a good opportunity to develop skills in airway management. The other theatre staff are skilled and helpful.


On-calls are well supported.  Apart from the emergency list, the on-call SpR attends the paediatric pain ward round (usually with one of the Pain Nurses) and deals with pain calls out of hours. Overnight the theatre team are on-call from home. You may get asked to help on the adult/obstetric side – you must not be left alone in case there is a paediatric call you need to attend.


The weekly Journal Club is taken seriously, will develop your appraisal skills and is a priority for trainees to attend.  Weekly SpR teaching on topics related to Paediatric Anaesthesia are very informative.  The department is supportive of research and audit but it can be difficult to fit these into a 3 month placement so get organised from the beginning if you want to get involved with these.


College Tutor Details


Dr Mit Lahiri

Dr N Usman

Dr J Noblet


Rota details for trainees


Number of trainees on rota


  • 8-10


On-call commitments (Theatre / ICU / maternity etc)


  • Paediatric Theatres; Paediatric Acute Pain; Paediatric Cardiac Arrest and Trauma Calls




  • 1B


Modules available for anaesthetic training


  • Paediatric Anaesthesia


Special training opportunities / fellowships


  • 1 year Research Fellowship (on on-call rota, no other clinical duties)


Local Education Opportunities


  • Weekly Journal Club (Wednesdays)

  • Weekly Registrar led teaching sessions (Wednesdays)

  • Departmental Audit Meetings (Monthly, entire Anaesthesia Department)


Research / Audit / Academic opportunities


  • Encouraged by the department (contact Dr Anil Visram or Dr Barry Clifton)


Contact details for further information