Research Opportunities


Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine Research Group


Our group represents a partnership between Queen Marys University of London and Barts Health. Based at the Royal London Hospital, we lead research projects for a large part of East London as well as collaborative projects across the United Kingdom and internationally. Our interests include improving outcomes for surgical patients, the critically ill and those with acute kidney injury.


For more information about research opportunities visit the Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine Research Group website here.


Pain and Anaesthesia Research Centre (PARC)


PARC has an international reputation and a long track record in training and supervision in the methodology and conduct of research in basic science and clinical studies.  The strong academic links of the pain services at Barts Health bring together a consortium of healthcare professionals with expertise in the delivery of interventional and non-interventional pain medicine, plus research methodologists (complex intervention trial design, medical statistics, health economics).  There is a strong public and patient involvement with several charitable organisations including “back care”, “sickle cell society”, “migraine trust”, “migraine action” collaborating in the research projects being conducted by the department. The department has established links and collaborations with the Primary Care Research Networks (PCRNs) and Central and East London Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN) to conduct and clinical trials.

Further information on PARC can be found by following this link.


The department is affiliated to clinical pharmacology at William Harvey Research Institute.  Please click on the 'Centres' tab here.


Click here for summary of the current active research profile.

If you are interested in undertaking any form of research within perioperative medicine please contact Dr Gareth Ackland or Dr Neil MacDonald. Alternatively, for research within the intensive care setting then please contact Dr John Prowle.


For more information about research opportunities, or Fellowships (six months to a year) within pain medicine (which can be tailored to individual needs), please contact either Dr V Mehta, or Dr S Snidvongs.


PLAN is a new Pan London Audit Network which was launched in February 2014. It is a trainee led collaboration between varying hospitals across London. It's first project, 'QUINCE', recruited over 400 cases and is expected to get published shortly. They will be launching 'PAINT' before the end of the year which will look at Pain management in the ICU setting. One of the main attractions and goals of PLAN is to encourage audit and research with the incentive of group publication.


If you wish to get involved then please contact Kate Grailey who can answer any questions you may have. Equally, each hospital has an allocated consultant lead for PLAN (please see below) who will gladly advise. We will be inviting trainee suggestions with regards to future topics shortly with view to the trainee leading the audit and authorship, so if you have any potential ideas that are practical and lend themselves to a network based audit then please let us know. Please click here to visit the PLAN website.