The Team


Our team is formed by consultants who represent the College and the Deanery, ensuring that the BLSA training programme meets the college curriculum requirements. Their roles are outlined below.

School Officers
Regional Advisor and Deputies


The Regional Advisor represents the College at a regional level. They appoint the college tutors, and are involved with approving the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) outcomes and advising the college on training programmes and Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) dates.

The Head of School is a Deanery role and has overall responsibility for ensuring that training pathways meet the requirements present in the College curriculum.




Regional Advisor
Dr Roger Cordery

Dr Cordery is the Regional Advisor for the School. He is a Consultant Anaesthetist based at Barts Heart Hospital.

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Training Programme Directors

The Training Programme Director is a Health Education North Central & East London (HENCEL) role and is responsible for making sure every training pathway meets the College curriculum requirements. They are responsible for placing you on the spreadsheet every three months. They also have a role in recruitment, assessment, career advice, out of programme approval and pastoral care.

Lead Training Programme Director (TPD)
Dr Chris Sadler
Dr Sadler is the Lead Training Programme Director for the Barts and London School of Anaesthesia and the STC Chair for the North London Anaesthetic Programme.  He is a Consultant Anaesthetist at The Royal London Hospital.


Training Programme Director (TPD)
Dr Adam Wantman
Dr Wantman is the Training Programme Director for Intermediate and Higher Training. He is a Consultant Anaesthetist at The Royal London Hospital.


Training Programme Director (Core Training / ACCS)
Dr Naomi Hancox
Dr Hancox is the Training Programme Director for Core Training and ACCS. She is a Consultant Anaesthetist at The Royal London Hospital.
Anaesthetic Training Co-ordinator
Lucy Hamer

Lucy Hamer, is the Training Co-ordinator at The Royal London and on most occasions will be your first point of contact with the School. Lucy will be able to answer many of your questions and happy to point you in the right direction if she is unable to help. She is pivotal in our communication links with you, the trainee, and with the rest of the School.

College Tutors








Dr Elizabeth Ogilvie

Barts Heart Hospital 

Barts Health NHS Trust

Dr Ahmer Mosharaf

Queens Hospital

Barking, Havering & Redbridge NHS Trust

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Ogilvie, E - photo.jpg
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Dr Anne Campbell

Barts Heart

Barts Health NHS Trust

Other Regional Advisor and Consultant Lead Roles include:



  • Pain Regional Advisor



  • Intensive Care Medicine Regional Advisor

Dr Victor Mendis -  Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, based at Broomfield Hospital.
Dr Gonzalo de la Cerda - Consultant in Intensive Care  at Barking, Havering & Redbridge University NHS Trust

Trainee Representatives


Below are the trainee representatives for BLSA - Currently Lydia Fletcher, Charlotte Trainer, Priyan Odedra and Ruby Carrington. Their role is to act as a conduit between the trainees and the school, and represent BLSA at various meetings and events across London. They also provide a pastoral role for trainees and organise schoolwide social events. Feel free to contact them with any of your questions / concerns via

Fletcher, Lydia.jpg
Lydia Fletcher
Carrington, Ruby - trainee rep.jpg
Ruby Carrington
Core CT1
Trainer, C - Trainee Rep.jpg
Charlotte Trainer
Odedra, Priyan - trainee rep.jpg
Priyan Odedra

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Representatives

There are two LTFT Representatives; currently Natasha Kennedy and Kat Brooks, together they represent all trainees who are undertaking LTFT training, as well as being part of the wider Trainee Representative team.