Opportunities Within Organisations



BLSA are keen to maintain strong training relations with organisations such as Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) and the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI).



AAGBI - Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT)














There is also an opportunity to communicate concerns from a local to regional level via local trainee network links and to become involved in the committee via elections.


Please find some useful links below to the GAT website.





If you have any questions please contact either Kat Morton or Natasha Kennedy who are the BLSA GAT Trainee Representatives

The AAGBI provides a great platform via GAT from which anaesthetic trainees can have a voice and communicate trainee issues and ideas across regions. GAT was founded in 1967 with the objectives  to promote training, the practice of anaesthesia and communication amongst trainees.


The GAT Committee meets four times a year to discuss current trainee problems and formulate a joint response to issues based on our broad consensus of opinions. 


They also provide a wealth of information regarding training in the NHS, relevant seminars and workshops and useful publications including survival guides and the mind field that is less than full time training.


The Royal College of Anaesthetists - The Anaesthesia Trainee Representative Group (ATRG)


The Anaesthesia Trainee Representative Group (ATRG) was formed in July 2014 and consists of one trainee representative from each School of Anaesthesia from across the UK.


Their key responsibilities include appropriately representing trainee views from across the UK, acting as a conduit between trainees and the college, and vice versa. They continually encourage trainee involvement, and are in a position to facilitate trainees who are interested in participating in projects within the RCoA.


Your present Trainee Representatives are members of the ATRG, so if you have any further questions please contact them.


The London Academy of Anaesthesia - Trainee Representative Group (LAA-TRG)


The London Academy of Anaesthesia is comprised of the five schools within London. The Academy works closely with its constituent schools of anaesthesia and the Royal College of Anaesthetists to take maximum advantage of all the resources and opportunities London has to offer.


We are enhancing our simulation centres to provide additional training opportunites and we offer a range of didactic teaching and training courses. Trainees sit on the programme boards of the five schools of anaesthesia and elect a representative to sit on the board of the London Academy.

London Academy of Anaesthesia represents an opportunity to become part of a world-class scheme that benefits not only patients but generations of trainees to come. The BLSA trainee representatives sit alongside trainee representatives from other London Anaesthetic Schools and facilitate two way communication between the London Deanery and trainees. Other then conveying trainee views, the LAA-TRG also organises regular events such as annually themed training days and social events.


Again, if you wish to learn more, please contact your Trainee Representatives.