Royal London / Queens Charlotte's - Obstetric Fellowship



























Advanced obstetric knowledge


  • Regular exposure to those with severe pre-eclampsia, major haemorrhage or sepsis, and potential to see unusual conditions such as cardiomyopathy, sarcoidosis and phaeochromocytoma.

  • Attend high risk obstetric clinic and review patients in antenatal and high BMI clinics.

  • Shadow obstetric consultant, neonatal consultant and lead midwife.

  • Attend national and international meetings including OAA and MOET courses.

  • Develop your own areas of specialist interest.


Clinical skills


  • Gain mastery in all aspects of neuraxial blockade

  • Use of ultrasound for TAP blocks and locating epidural space

  • Further your experience of GA caesarean delivery

  • Develop a respectable caseload for high risk obstetrics and emergencies 




  • Regularly supervise juniors and those gaining basic competencies

  • Multiple opportunities for ward based teaching

  • Assist on formal multidisciplinary courses including midwifery critical care, PROMPT and skills and drills.

  • Present at regional, national and international meetings.




  • Develop audits, recruit and lead juniors and make definitive, measurable change.

  • Become involved in recruiting and consenting to active trials.

  • Work within a team undertaking research.

  • Possibilities to develop own research ideas.


Work details - RLH


  • A unit catering for around 5000 births per year

  • Twin theatres, 2-bedded recovery and dedicated HDU

  • You will be the only obstetric fellow on the unit, and so the most senior trainee.

  • Weekends, evening and nights spent contributing to the 1220 rota.

  • Fun and friendly environment with ample opportunity to work on your own ideas for audit, teaching, research and QI.


Work details QCCH


  • A busy and world renowned maternity hospital.

  • Tertiary referral centre for high risk peripartum disease.

  • Regular input from “Obs-Med” subspecialists in medical complications in pregnancy.

  • Twin theatres, 2-bedded recovery and dedicated HDU

  • You will be one of eight senior trainees

  • On calls obstetric anaesthesia only

  • Some days off the obstetric unit: providing sedation for IVF egg collection, gynaecology lists at Hammersmith including complex gynae-oncology.

  • Good opportunities to build up your logbook of cases


For further details please contact Dr Sarah Wray






One Year Fellowship in Advanced Obstetric Anaesthesia


A one year fellowship in advanced obstetric anaesthesia is available for trainees within Barts and the London school of Anaesthesia. Advanced training taken in ST6 or 7 provides the experience to further hone skills in final preparation for independent practice. The Obstetric fellowship is split between the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, and Queen Charlottes and Chelsea located on the Hammersmith Hospital site in West London. Two fellows are appointed each year and spend six months at each location.


The fellowship provides unparalleled opportunity to manage the parturient with complex or life threatening disease, and to become a key voice within an experienced multidisciplinary team.


Summary of some of the expected experience from the year:


Management opportunities


  • Run the elective Caesarean list: prioritise, organise and delegate

  • Active involvement in risk management and multidisciplinary team meetings

  • Develop projects relating to unit safety, education, staffing and finances