Moorfields - Anaesthetic Fellowship

JOB TITLE:                           Clinical Fellow in Anaesthesia

DEPARTMENT:                    Anaesthetics


GRADE:                                 ADHOC

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The post is full-time for 6 months in the first instance, the start date to be decided mutually.


The post has been created with the aim of allowing an individual to complete research &/or audit into anaesthesia. Moreover it is an opportunity to learn & participate in governance activity with support for involvement in quality improvement projects. There is support across the Trust for the Fellow to acquire knowledge about the management side of healthcare; direct interaction with managers at every level is encouraged.


A wide experience in anaesthesia is expected, particularly day-case anaesthesia and anaesthesia for the elderly. Training in ophthalmic anaesthesia, both general and local techniques will be provided if required. There is also an opportunity for developing highly relevant skills in sedation A substantial amount of paediatric work takes place at Moorfields & consequently there will be many occasions for managing the care of children as young as 4 weeks. TIVA is the anaesthetic of choice at Moorfields so there is plenty of chance to excel in its use.


The post-holder will be expected to undertake approximately eight sessions per week; the number to be allocated to research or clinical commitments is to be by mutual agreement - usually at least one day a week is put aside for non-clinical activity. Although the clinical sessions will be fixed in time, their content will be flexible to reflect the needs of the department. It is anticipated that the postholder will join the SpR on-call rota.


Recognition of the post by the Postgraduate Dean or the Royal College of Anaesthetists for training, or as out of programme experience (OOPE) is dependent on the individual post holder, and the successful candidate would be expected to apply for this recognition, if required, prior to taking up the position.


We endeavour to agree a timetable of regular clinical commitments (i.e. regular lists) but, as stated above, there is a need to be flexible. Please note that the post holder may be asked to work at a satellite site or in a preoperative assessment clinic during his/her clinical sessions.

Research & Audit

The successful applicant will be expected to develop a programme of research and/or audit with the support of the Anaesthetic Training Director and other relevant clinicians and departments. Statistical support is available and should be engaged at an early stage in any project. Similarly, audit projects should be approved by the clinical audit department.


Moorfields is an important research institution and each individual is expected to contribute to research and development, and teaching and training within the service. As a result the Trust has a policy concerning intellectual property, which may apply to you. The policy can be found in the Medical Staff Handbook or copies can be obtained from the Personnel Department.



The successful candidate will be expected to provide teaching to the trainees and other staff. In addition they will have the opportunity to contribute to creating teaching material and to developing educational programs for meetings at a postgraduate level.



The Fellow will also be given the chance to gain further knowledge in Clinical Governance through didactic teaching, attendance at appropriate Trust meetings with a consultant mentor and through the option of writing departmental policies or guidelines. The anaesthetic trainees are all encouraged to attend a monthly seminar as part of a rolling 12 month teaching program in governance matters for trainee ophthalmologists developed by a previous Darzi fellow.


Further Information can be obtained by contacting:

Dr Helen Ahmad

Tel:  020 7253 3411 ext 2026 (Anaesthetics Secretary)