Perioperative Quality Improvement Fellowship


One year Fellowship in Perioperative Quality Improvement.


This post will support the 'MATCH' (Multidisciplinary Action Training in Crises and Human factors) team training project at Barts Health in addition to other quality and safety improvement work in perioperative care. The MATCH project's aim is to facilitate a 'culture change' in teams with the intention of improving patient safety and team work. The job includes covering general anaesthesia on call (1 in 9) and one day a week in theatre.


The 'MATCH' course has been developed by local educators at Barts Health. Course compilation, faculty training, administration, delivery and evaluation has been driven by the MATCH team but up-scaling and sustainment, requires further support and provides an opportunity for an anaesthesia trainee with an interest in this area. There is growing evidence that the introduction of team training programmes to surgical teams leads to both improved safety and productivity.


The Match logo, which visually demonstrates our values of the central focus of the patient with the team around them, all with a valued contribution. We have brought together a team of multi specialty 'champions' with a strong will for change and a shared vision.




The programme is unique in bringing multi-disciplines together and giving them an opportunity to learn together and see themselves as a highly skilled team working in a complex system aspiring for better and safer care. We feel that this novel programme will really make a difference to the 'culture' creating an environment where surgical safety is supported by team innovation and engagement. The research and sustainment of the incremental (Improvement) change and transformational (Culture) and will be supported by this post.

The Job Description for 6 months;


Become part of the MATCH team


  • Course delivery- Part of the faculty.

  • AAR training, OTAS training as faculty development.

  • Assist team in visioning events, management buy in and networking at events such as Match seminar series events and Kings Fund series

  • Opportunity to attend meetings as part of the MATCH faculty and drive forward quality improvement and cultural change.

  • Assist in sustainment and mentoring of the peri-operative teams development and improvement.

  • Assist in improving governance in perioperative care including the theatre safety newsletter, communication/feedback and ensuring the pledges to the Sign up to Safety Campaign are fulfilled.


If you have any further questions, please contact Dr Annie Hunningher