Junior Doctors' Contract Advice

The following information is from the BMA


There are two national pay scales which doctors in training in England may be paid under depending on their contract of employment. The full details of both pay scales are available to download in the 2017-2018 pay circular .

The BMA has a page with frequently asked questions on the transition to the new 2016 contract.

The new contractual arrangements include an initial period of pay protection for some existing doctors.

Doctors already at ST3 or above on a run-through training programme on 2 August 2016 will have their pay protected by continuing to be paid under the
old pay system, including increments and banding (but not band 3). Pay will be protected either until the doctor exits the training programme, or until four
years of continuous employment have elapsed (pro rata for those LTFT or taking time out) or until August 2022, whichever is sooner.

Other doctors in foundation, core, GP and the initial stages of run-through training programmes on 2 August 2016 will have their pay protected against a
'cash floor', based on the basic salary the doctor was earning on the day before they transitioned to the new contract and the banding for the rota they were
working the day before transition, but the value of that banding supplement as at 31 October 2015.

Less than full time pay is more complicated and is dealt with in the BMA FAQ page above and in this NHS Employers document .

If you are paid under the old 2002 contract your payslip is explained here.

If you are paid under the new 2016 contract your payslip is explained here.

The BMA are keen to be contacted about pay issues. There is more on the 2016 contract here.

Please let your trainee representatives know about pay issues.  We won’t be able to sort them out directly but we can make sure the school knows about them.