Final Written and SOE Resources




  • BLSA Finals Teaching

  • Click here for access to Final FRCA Teaching presentations and handouts.




  • Final FRCA College Guide

  • How to Survive in Anaesthesia: A Guide for Trainees (Robinson/Hall)

  • Oxford handbook of anaesthetics/critical care

  • AtoZ of Anaesthesia (Yentis)

  • British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA)

  • CEACCP: Continuing Education in Anaesthesia Critical care and Pain (

  • Anaesthesia UK

  • Advanced training in Anaesthesia (Prout and Jones)




  • Past Exam Papers

  • Single Best Answers in Anaesthesia (Mendonca)

  • SAQs for the Final FRCA (Shorthouse, Barker & Waldmann)

  • Short Answers Questions in Anaesthesia (Bricker)

  • Get Through Final FRCA: MCQs (Bahal, Khan)




  • The Anaesthesia Viva Book (Bricker)

  • The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book (Mills, Maguire, Barker)




  • TBC