Developing World Anaesthesia Opportunites


Completing a relevant course is a prerequisite of the RCOA Developing World Anaesthesia module. Below are a few options.


       This is a one day introductory course covering equipment, drugs and case based discussions. Click here for more details.

         This is a 4 day course with an opportunity to visit and observe anaesthesia practice in a local hospital. Click here for more details.

         Click here for more details


         This 11-month part-time course is designed to fulfil the requirements for admission to the examination for the Diploma in the Medical Care of

         Catastrophes (DMCC). Click here for more details.

          The Bill Mapleson centre runs an innovative and interactive one day course in Cardiff




The links below provide details about anaesthetic opportunities in the developing world. Please also see the RCOA website for information on Mercy Ship, Facing Africa, Lifebox, Zambia Anaesthetic Development Programme Fellowships.


          The Volunteer Physician Programme provides specialised and experienced physicians with the unique opportunity to join AMREF Flying Doctors

         AAGBI runs a train the trainer course for new faculties as well as opportunities to facilitate in courses overseas.

         Anaesthetists are not required to complete the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and the duration of the first mission is also shorter (3 months or less).






There are often several articles on experiences in developing world in Anaesthesia News, World Anaesthesia Society (WAS) Newsletter and the RCOA Bulletin - it is worth looking through back copies. A lot of the articles have links on how to get involved. Please find some useful links below, including ones by BLSA trainees.



Web Resources

There are several useful websites with regards to developing world anaesthesia. Some are listed below.


          This site provides information on OOPT/E requirements and units of training in developing world anaesthesia.

          The link also contains fellowship data (including Mercy Ship, Facing Africa, Lifebox, Zambia Anaesthetic Development Programme)


          This organisation runs seminars, newsletters with ideas of overseas opportunities and educational resources.

          This website provides articles and advice on orginising time abroad.

         Please click here for details


         This website is not anaesthesia specific but good website with interesting articles, courses and resources.


This site provides some useful information with regards to funding. Please also read previous successful applicants reports for ideas of opportunities.



Disaster Medicine

Below are a few disaster medicine links. Please visit here for other similar opportunities

          This is a government based group providing medical teams during disaster and humanitarian crisis (eg Typhoon Haiyan, Ebola).

          Emergency team members have to be consultants but they offer training opportunities for senior trainees.


Dr Nur Lubis is a consultant at Whipps Cross Hospital with a wealth of experience of working in the developing world through a variety of different organisations. She is happy to be contacted for advise.




  • Improvised Medicine: Providing Care in Extreme Environments (Iserson, 2012)

  • Oxford American Handbook of Disaster Medicine (Partridge, 2012)

  • Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (Johnson 2015)