Broomfield Hospital

Broomfield is a little different – it’s a small hospital with a lot of big specialties. The core trainees belong to the East of England deanery and the registrars to the Northeast & North Central London deanery.


There is a lot to do here.  Operations include neonates for cleft palate repairs in plastics, open supra-renal AAA repairs, robotic cystectomies and shoulder replacements under interscalene catheter; you are guaranteed to do something you have not done before!


There is a strong focus on teaching. From your first week you will be the one doing the thoracic epidural, double lumen tube or awake fibre-optic intubation.  All nerve blocks (and there’s a lot of them) are under ultrasound & usually awake.


If you’re on an anaesthetic block, all your on-calls are in anaesthetics. Most of the trainees get around 600 cases per year. There are opportunities outside of anaesthetics. Audits, case reports, poster presentations, departmental teaching, simulation faculty, multidisciplinary teaching – there are a lot of ways to build your c.v. and a lot of consultants looking to help you.

College Tutor


Dr Nina Walton


Rota Details for Trainees


Number of trainees on rota:


  • Core Trainee Rota: 1:8 normally

  • Specialist Trainee Rota: 1:8 - 1:10 depending on trainees

  • ITU Rota:

       nominally 1:8 consisting of:


       No more than 2 core anaesthetic trainees

       No more than 2 advanced ITU trainees (not necessarily anaesthetic trainees)

       Medical Specialty Registrars (renal, acute medicine or respiratory)

       Core medical & ACCS trainees pre anaesthetics block.



  • Burns ITU Rota; 1:8 staffed by burns fellows on OOPE’s & higher/advanced trainees. (Reliably the most senior trainee on-site)

  • Plastics trauma rota; usually staffed by middle grades on a 1:12 rota

  • Obs SpR Rota; usually staffed by middle grades on a 1:12 rota.


On-call commitments (Theatre / ICU / maternity etc)


  • Anaesthetic SpR & SHO cover emergency theatres, resus, trauma calls & cardiac arrest calls across the whole site. 

  • In addition, OOH the SpR may be asked to support the ITU trainee either on the unit or with a referral involving the airway.

  • The anaesthetics SpR & SHO have no responsibility for burns/plastics/burns ITU OOH

  • Separate plastics trauma anaesthetist

  • Separate cover for burns ITU (usually most senior trainee on-site);

  • Separate cover for labour ward (usually a middle grade).




  • 1A


Modules Available for Anaesthetic Training          


  • Basic - All core modules available here (for East Of England Deanery trainees) 

  • Intermediate & Higher – All general modules, ITU, Pain (regional centre), Obstetrics, Vascular & Burns  

  • Advanced – General, ITU, Regional, Pain (not currently funded)


Special Training Opportunities / Fellowships


  • Pre-assessment fellowship       

  • Regional fellowship           

  • Burns fellowships (4 available per year)

  • Pain fellowship agreed but awaiting confirmation of funding (registered for advanced pain training)

  • Simulation fellowship (not yet available but under consideration) 


Local Education Opportunities


  • Weekly consultant-led primary FRCA teaching        

  • Monthly Regional East of England Primary FRCA teaching.            

  • Simulation centre (PREP courses) at Anglia Ruskin (run by Dr Nick Wilson)

  • Primary FRCA

  • Final FRCA revision courses

  • Train The Trainers courses    

  • ‘BEAT’ fibre-optic airway courses run regularly


Research / Audit / Academic Opportunities


  • Regular commitment to audit (lead Dr Santosh Mehotra)

  • monthly audit meetings & case presentations.               

  • Multiple regular publications from small letters to big articles in the BJA.               

  • Several of the consultants are regular publishers and will push things in the direction of any interested trainee.


Contact details for further information


Dr Nina Walton