Broomfield - Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship


One Year Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship at Broomfield Hospital


We are very large district general hospital with about 750 beds hosting most surgical specialities.














Plastic surgery


Our plastic trauma service takes place from 0800 – midnight seven days a week. We have all the subspecialities in plastics including hands, head and neck, Breast reconstruction including DIEP, paediatric and burns. Upper GI, Colorectal, Urology including robotic surgery, ENT, Faciomaxillary, Ophthalmolgy, Vascular and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. In these specilaities the fellow gets to learn to do TAP blocks and Paravertebral blocks.


Here in Broomfield hospital we have an effective combination of a good case load for regional anaesthesia along with a large number of Consultants actually performing blocks for patients. We also intend to set up a block room to better utilise the ability to provide regional anaesthesia for our patients. Dr Nair also runs a course twice a year on Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, which the fellow has the opportunity to help organise and be part of the faculty. Previous fellows have found this post immensely rewarding and enjoyable . Along with excellent clinical exposure, they have been able to present posters at international regional anaesthesia meetings. In the pipeline, we want to create a network of hospitals interested in Regional Anaesthesia who then will collectively contribute to a database of cases, their outcomes and complications.


If you have any further questions please contact Dr Ravindran Nair.




We run a trauma service which has previously been judged as the top in the country with our Hip arthroplasty service being deemed as top according to a country wide patient satisfaction survey. Our knee replacement patients have an average length of stay in the hospital of 3.5 days as compared to to national average of 7 days. On average we perform about 500 total knee arthroplasties and total hip arthroplasties in a year. As is evident there is a huge opportunity for regional anaesthesia with this case load and our patients do get the benefit of it. To enable regional anaesthesia we have 3 sonosite S nerve ultrasound machines with the latest software uprade. We also have nerve stimulators for use.