7th BLSA Prize Evening

The seventh BLSA Prize Evening was hosted by Dr Giannaris in the Robin Brooke Centre at St

Bartholomews Hospital on 21st November 2018 and was superbly organised by Drs Laura Elgie

and Lydia Fletcher.  This is the first time that the Barts Heart Centre has held this event since the merger

and the first that I have attended.

There was a good turnout by both trainees and consultants from across the school.


The evening started with three excellent trainee presentations relating to quality improvement projects/

research studies they had undertaken. The first was by Dr Amy Gribble entitled “Joint school - more than

just as chat” looking at how managing patient expectations of perioperative management and discharge

was affecting their care at Whipps Cross Hospital.


The next was from Dr Nick Haslam who had interrogated the Trauma Audit & Research Network (TARN) database to look at “Time to definitive care in English major trauma networks” which suggested that some patients were possibly better served by taking a longer journey to a major trauma centre where definitive investigation and care could be provided even if the distance required to travel fell outside the current guidelines.

The final trainee presentation was by Dr Charlotte Trainer on “Geriatric review after emergency laparotomy: improving review rates of NELA patients older than seventy years” which described some of the interventions which had been undertaken at the Homerton Hospital to provide better care to this population and how this had now become adopted by the geriatricians as an ongoing part of their role.


All speakers presented well and kept to their time allowance!!


The next item was dinner in the West Wing - curry provided by 10 Dining Ltd - which gave everyone a chance to chat and catch up as well as reviewing the poster presentations. There were 14   posters on a variety of topics and the judges had their work cut out to get round them and score them in time.

Click here for all poster presentations and authors.


After dinner, we had a great talk by Dr Ben Singer, one of the ICM consultants at Barts, on “New frontiers in resuscitation: Pre-hospital ECPR?” This was a very entertaining talk on the somewhat crazy-sounding concept of sending out an advanced resuscitation team to cardiac arrests in the field and considering whether or not these patients may be candidates for extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to try to improve their neurological outcomes. This is on the background of similar projects in Europe (famously this was done on both the Paris Metro and in the Louvre Museum!) and is part of a larger research project looking at full scale feasibility of this service.


The last part of the evening was an entertaining debate chaired by Dr Stephen Shepherd entitled “Anaesthetists should no longer be required to work on ICU”. The notion was proposed by Drs Ben Post and Toby Reynolds and Drs Chloe Baker and Elaine Yip were against the motion. The pre-debate vote was heavily against the motion so the proposers had their work cut out and despite the fact that the post-debate vote was still against the motion, the proponents should take comfort from the fact that at least a few people had been convinced that it should be carried! It was interesting and reassuring to notice that most trainees still believe that experience in ICU is pertinent to their training in anaesthesia.


The final moments were given over to the prizes. The judges this year were Drs Sibs Anwar, Lionel Davis, Nazneen Sudhan (posters) and Madeleine Dancey, Chris Barringer and Sebastian Murray (oral presentations). The winners were as follows:


Poster Presentations:

1st Stephen Wythe, Barts Health PVC Recycling Project

2nd Toby Reynolds, Survey of trainees on pastoral care in paediatric anaesthesia training

3rd Oliver Boney, Predicting airway complications in children undergoing elective tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy


Oral Presentations:

1st Charlotte Trainer, Geriatric review after emergency laparotomy:  improving review rates of NELA patients older than seventy years  - poster

2nd Amy Gribble, Joint School More than just a chat

3rd Nicholas Haslam, Time to definitive care in English major Trauma Networks


Congratulations to all those who contributed!


Once the formalities of the evening were concluded a number of us adjourned to the Butcher’s Hook and Cleaver where the discussions continued!


Many thanks to the organisers, Drs Giannaris, Elgie and Fletcher, to the judges, to our guest speaker Dr Singer and to Dr Shepherd for chairing the debate and of course, many thanks to all the trainees for their hard work which made the evening possible in the first place! Finally, thanks must also go to Lucy for her haranguing emails which encouraged so many of us to come along in the first place.


Looking forward to next year already!


Roger Cordery

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Barts Heart Centre

Deputy Regional Advisor BLSA