5th BLSA Prize Evening

The 5th BLSA Trainee Prize Evening was held on 24th November at the Education Centre of Homerton Hospital.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening which was well attended by trainees and consultants.

First on the agenda was a series of presentations from current trainees who have had the opportunity to undertake fellowships abroad or take time out of training to practice medicine around the world. 

Dr Chiraag Talati started us off with an interesting account of the year he spent in Toronto undertaking a fellowship in obstetric anaesthesia, it sounded like a lot of hard (but rewarding) work and his CV after returning speaks for itself. 

Following this Dr Sophie Liu shared her experience of the 18 months she spent in Hong Kong; she shared some great tips on how to organise such a fellowship and again it seems that all her hard work paid off as she achieved her entire (very ambitious) to-do list whilst there (aside from becoming fluent in Chinese!).

Dr Wangui Thanga’a is currently undertaking a fellowship in the Royal London Hospital Paediatric Anaesthesia department with Dr Anil Visram.  She shared her experience of trying to organise this from her home in Kenya and gave a highly entertaining account of the challenges she has faced moving to and working in London. I’m sure most of the audience shared my feeling of pride in BLSA and the educational opportunities it provides as she spoke. 

Dr Cheryl Achary spoke about the year she spent in Fiji between her core and ST training.  Whilst there she practiced anaesthesia with limited resources in very challenging conditions.  One major upside though, as she put it, was getting to spend a year in paradise! 

Finally, Dr Hannah Smith spoke about her time in Sierra Leone as part of the UK response team to the Ebola outbreak.  This was the only experience that did not involve any anaesthesia but I don’t think any of the audience could be in any doubt by the end of this moving presentation of the educational value of this trip - to patients, Hannah herself, and now to everyone lucky enough to hear her speak about it.

Following this, we all enjoyed some delicious curry and desserts whilst the posters were being judged by Drs Seb Murray, Akshat Shah and Lionel Davies.  There were 31 posters submitted in total and out of these three were selected as oral presentations which began after dinner.

Three trainees spoke about research and educational projects they had undertaken.  These consisted of an education project piloting a training course for FY doctors in tracheostomy management, presented by Dr Hisham Harb; a post-hoc analysis investigating the link between goal directed fluid therapy and development of AKI, presented by Dr Amour Patel; and research into IL-10 dependent pathways and post-operative immune suppression, presented my Dr Hew Torrence.  These presentations were judged by a panel consisting of Dr John Windsor, Dr Adam Wantman and Dr Narendra Aladangady.

Next up was a very entertaining debate entitled ‘Anaesthesia – Art or Science.’  Dr Cheryl Achary and Dr Elaine Yip gave a passionate speech to support ‘Art’ whilst Dr Kate Grailey and Dr Dominic Nielsen argued robustly for ‘#teamscience.’  In the end, it was a close vote but Cheryl and Elaine for Art retained the majority of votes despite an impressive swing for #teamscience.

Drawing the evening to a close Dr Jacobs announced the winners of the poster and oral presentation prizes.  The winner of the poster competition was Dr James Wicker for ‘Current practice of rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia in the UK - a national survey.’  The inaugural winners of ‘The Claire Sheppey Memorial Prize’ for the oral presentation were Dr Hisham Harb and Dr Leo Salm for their tracheostomy education project entitled ‘Are we on the right Trach?’

Enormous thanks must go to all the team who helped organise the evening including Dr Dan Jacobs, Dr Lionel Davies, Dr Kat Eigener and Dr Des Rangarajan at the Homerton as well as Dr Mandeep Phull and Peter Chan, the judges, all the speakers and poster presenters and of course the Barts and London School of Anaesthesia for sponsoring the food, and UCLP for sponsoring the prizes. 


Oral Presentations:

1st Prize - The Claire Sheppey Memorial Prize 

Multidisciplinary Team Tracheostomy Emergency Management - Are we on the right Trach?

Salm, L, Harb, H, John, S, and Vaughn, C

2nd Prize

Postoperative goal-directed therapy and development of acute kidney injury following major elective noncardiac surgery: post-hoc analysis of POM-O randomised controlled trial.

Amour Patel, John R. Prowle, Gareth L. Ackland; POM-O Study Investigators.


3rd Prize

IL-10 dependent pathways in circulating monocytes mediate a reversible post-operative immune suppression
Hew D Torrance*, E Rebecca Longbottom*, Charles J Hinds, Tom E F Abbott, Mark E Vivian, Gareth L Ackland, Rupert M Pearse and Michael J O’Dwyer

Poster Presentations:

1st Prize

Current practice of rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia in the UK - a national survey

A. Sajayan, J. Wicker, N. Ungureanu, C. Mendonca and P. K. Kimani

2nd Prize

Pre-Operative Paediatric Fluid Fasting Quality Improvement Project - Broomfield Hospital 2016
Beki Baytug, Jenny Shanks, Christa Morrison, Victoria Bird and Agnes Watson

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