4th BLSA Prize Evening

Over 80 trainees, consultants and School Officers, current and retired, attended the 4th BLSA Prize Evening last night, Monday, 30 November 2015, hosted at The Royal London Hospital in the Old Library of the Medical School.


The evening was a fantastic opportunity for trainees to socialise with their peers and consultants, as well as showing off their academic capabilities. About 30 posters of excellent quality covering audits, QI projects and case reports were displayed. There was a key note address from Dr G Samra, ex-consultant at The Royal London Hospital, entitled ‘it is the responsibility of the anaesthetist to actively engage in the local community’. This was followed by curry in the Old Library and a chance to review the posters and catch up with friends. After dinner the top three submitted abstracts, covering diverse topics of capnography in ITU, pulsatile oxytocin, and the national signage system for emergency equipment/drugs were presented by our trainees to determine the winner.


We then moved into a very entertaining debate: This house believe that 24/7 consultant presence is worth the cost. Stephen Shepherd and Naomi Pritchard made a strong case to support the motion, but faced an uphill struggle to convince the audience. Their task was further hampered by a very cleverly written and executed interview skit between Olly Boney and Kathy Macgloin, who increased their vote opposed to the motion.


The evening finished with the award of prizes for the best oral presentation and the top two posters. Thank you to UCLPartners for the prize money.


Enormous thanks must go to the organisers: Mandeep Phull, Anil Visram, Lionel Davis and Jo Challands for their time and effort into organising a fantastic evening.  We must remember and thank our judges: Rupert Pearse; Anil Visram; Gareth Ackland and Chris Sadler as well as all the trainees who attended and submitted their work.  Mandeep would also like to thank Sanjoy Saha, Louise Frost and Joana Neves for their help in organising the evening, as it without them if would have been an impossible task.


Last, but not least, we received seven cakes for the Consultant Bake Off from Matt Wikner; Chris Sadler; Sarah Wray; Laura Fulton; Serene Chang, Mira ‘Tesco’ Razzaque and Seema Shah. David Stansfield and PJ Zolfaghari had the awful task of judging the cakes on appearance, flavour and moistness. Bragging rights (and he still hasn’t stopped!) went to Matt Wikner for his creation of the Royal London Hospital towers, complete with helicopter! 

First Prize - Queenie Lo


The top three abstracts submitted for the 4th BLSA Prize Evening were chosen for oral presentations.  


These were done by:


Queenie Lo

Title:  S.I.G.N.S.  Safety Initiative Group for National Signage

Co-authors:  B. Lalabekyan; A. Hunningher; C. Dempsey; A. Mulcahy & T Phillips

Department of Anaesthetics, The Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust

Click here for abstract


Chiraag Talati

Title:  The effect of pulsatile oxytocin on the desensitisation of human myometrium in-vitro

Co-authors:  J. Carvalho; A. Luca & M. Balki

Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management & Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto

Click here for abstract.


Enrique Collantes

Title:  Re-Audit on the compliance with the Recommendations on Capnography from the Fourth National Audit in the Intensive Care Unit

Co-authors: P. Gray & F Keane

Department of Anaesthetics, Whipps Cross Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust

Click here for abstract.

Oral Presentation
Consultant Bake Off!

Winner - Dr Matt Wikner

Poster Presentations

First Prize - Salm, L, Jessop, V and Thomas, R

Department of Anaesthetics, Homerton University Hospital, London


A randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of a rapid sequence induction (RSI) checklist on operator mental workload as measured by the NASA Task Load Index (TLX) tool in a simulated environment.

Second Prize - Grailey, K, Richardson, K and Usman, N

Department of Anaethetics, The Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust


Epidural Block Documentation - What do we really need to know?  A Quality Improvement Project on the Labour Ward at The Royal London Hospital